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  • Laser Cutting plate

    This plate cut to laser is used for the fabrication of spark arrestor on industrial equipment....
  • Metal sheet design

    This scrap iron is the result when we cut our parts with the plasma cutting machine...
  • Engine block

    We even paint engine blocks for Harley Davidson and we are proud to show our customers the meticulous work we take t...
  • Interior stairs

    This staircase is a design of one of our clients for his home. We cover his staircase with our dusting process....
  • Snowmobile exhaust

    We have painted the snowmobile exhaust with our high temperature powder coat 1100 degree. It’s for a snowmobil...
  • Divers parts

    We paint various parts for all customers who ask for them. Our painting department will welcome you with pleasure...
  • Car rims

    The products we paint most are the rims of auto or truck. We have made over 60 sets of rims and we have a return rat...
  • Statue in memory of Dominique Maltais

    This statue is a statue that you will recognize at the entrance of Petit-Rivières-Saint-François. We painted it beca...

    We have painted this trailer for our customer. This trailer will be used in the forest to remove wood....
  • Bumper Kit for RZR 800

    We started to manufacture bumpers for the RZR, but unfortunately the market was not there, so we refocused our effor...
  • RZR 800 footsteps

    We designed footsteps with an easy-to-install sports look and competitive prices, however the demand was not unfortu...
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